SaberOne is a the hearth of my sabers. It uses advanced embedded electronics to provide realistic experience for the user. I have designed the board to be similar to other existing products and enhanced the functionality in a way that evryone can participate. I have made the code open source. If you like to participate in the beta development campaign send me an e-mail

“The Arduino&trademark; of the custom Lightsabers”
the board itself provides
– 72Mhz Cortex-m3 NXP microprocessor
– 9 Axis MPU (accelerometer, gyroscope,compass) by Invensens
– 16bit Audio DAC by Texas Instruments
– USB and UART connectivity
– 3W Audio amplifier by Texas Instruments

The board itself doesn’t provide current regulation.

But extension boards working in different way can be attached.
The interface pads provide high precision PWM as also ADC input. Allowing to use extension boards for direct drive, or a simple SMPS with feedback.

Even though this processor can use and calculate way better quality audio, resource is spared for further algorithm anchancments for the whole platform.

The 9 Axis accelerometer have specific DMP unit allowing to precalculate motion in order to have high precision motion detection.
The capabilities of those motion controllers even allow to use the light-saber as pedometer.