Aniventure 2016

Little photos from this years Aniventure. I had a blast... So many fun people... my good old jedi armor.... and lots of lightsabers

DIY Saber Driver

Today I will show you a really easy way to create basic driver for your saber. In eBay there are a lot of cheap flashlight current drivers, with various current ratings and functionality. But most of them have  too much stuff which are…

Soldering for beginners

 Introduction Soldering is one of the most fundamental skills needed to dabble in the world of electronics. The two go together like peas and carrots. And, although it is possible to learn about and build electronics without needing…
Btv Report

BTV News Report

Today Bobby Lazarov came to my home/laboratory to show my fancy hobby on national TV. Got a bit excited and with shaking hand i wasnt really able to solder anything but at least I said some gibberish :D…

Saber Audio - Part I

One source of confusion is the speaker impedance (da ohms).  this is caused mainly because of many blown amplifiers. This post is intended to explain the meaning of speaker impedance and relations to the amp. Ω ohms The Ω is the unit…

Episode 7 VIP-Premiere

10 years later... the heap was high. Enjoyed a new star wars movie with the company of Bulgarian celebrities. Mine sabers were blindingly noticeable there as well :D (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if…

SaberOne at Egmont Cosplay Event

Today we went to a really fun event organised by Egmont Bulgaria. Even though i didnt participate in the cosplay tournament, my sabers were. Unfortunetly Kulo Ren's lightsaber went dead the same time we went live on BTV with Bobby Lazarov.…

SaberOne at

I was invited to showoff the lightsaber technology by the dudes from I showed 'em how easy it is to start with this hobby, and had great fun building one hilt on site in the office of Be sure to subscribe to…

SaberOne at NextTV Gaming Knights

Today at gaming knights we had super fun showing the technology behind the sabers to youngsters and adults as well. Kids got chance to try and make led string blades. A lucky winner won of our base saber which was specialy made for the event.…

SaberOne workshop at IT Step

Our friends at IT Step software academy invited us to create a " Lightsaber Workshop" where I explained all the technology behind the custom sabers. I introduced my approach and methodics for creating the "ellegant" ... "device" :D. It was…