The custom lightsabers from Bulgaria

follow the path to this art & technology …

Here are the features of my custom sabers

LED Technology

Using the brightest technology for lightsaber illumination, this is the essence of those artifacts. Pure light contained and distributed in an elegant way.

Motion Detection

Advanced 9 – axis motion fusion powered by the incredible MPUs by Invensesnse, provide precise motion detection, and much more functions that can be further implemented  with the device.

FX Sound

High quality  audio playback of sounds, creates realistic experience as much as the real thing.

Duel Blades

The blades from The Custom Saber Shop allow both cosplay and duel heavy usage of the lightsabers.

Lion Battery

High power illumination technology requires source of power capable of providing so. Our batteries are with the best protection circuits to provide safe and uninterrupted usage for a long period of time

Saber Hilts

Created from high quality duraluminum the hilts are light and durable. Perfect for dueling or display.

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